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Anthea and Bill Ruffle

Anthea ‘Jewels’ – 2024

“Anthea Jewels has the three elements that make a good blues singer - passion, energy and soul!”

– Barry Maxwell, Vice-President Blues Music Victoria
and 'Blues on The Hill' radio presenter.

Award-winning singer-songwriter Anthea 'Jewels' is a seasoned performer with decades of established live shows at major festivals and events both locally and internationally, demonstrating her appeal. Anthea has performed in New Orleans, Memphis, San Francisco USA, Greece, and Cyprus. Her new Blues album release is scheduled for March 2024.

Weaving unique blends of original and traditional Greek folk, rock, blues, singer-songwriter Anthea 'Jewels' along with her five-piece band, perform storytelling through their originals, and their own renditions of favourites to dance to, from a repertoire revealing a continuous love affair with the Blues and life.


Anthea ‘Jewels' is a Melbourne-based singer/songwriter performing home-grown original and traditional Blues. Her blues-and-soul-queen muses – including Aretha Franklyn, Tina Turner, Etta James, Koko Taylor and Irma Thomas – inspire Anthea's soaring vocals with soul-stirring interpretations originating from New Orleans, Mississippi and Chicago blues stylings. Anthea’s self-penned originals are drawn from her life, as evident in her shows of story-telling through song. The repertoire reveals a continuous love affair with the blues. Decades of established live performance at major festivals and events both locally and internationally demonstrate her appeal. She has performed in New Orleans, Memphis and San Francisco USA.

Anthea’s personal story is one of courage, determination and survivorship. Recently penned works include “I’m a Blues Woman” and “Chemo Blues”. Other tunes were co-written by Anthea Jewels and bass player partner-in-crime Bill Ruffle, during their years travelling to New Orleans and Louisiana. Both are award-winning singer/songwriters holding finalist positions and best performance award nominations.




“I was hugely impressed by her talent as a singer, her terrific stage presence, and world-class performance skills.  “Jewels” is a don’t miss talent.”     

Middleton O’Malley-Keyes:  Musicologist & Moderator Ogden After Hours Music Series New Orleans ‘19

“…. A herculean effort going on there vocally."   

          - Warren Wills, J-Air radio broadcaster, Virtuoso pianist 2019

“She was all Janis and I for one was left feeling that I had just been to a Janis Joplin Concert!”


           - Debra, Motor City Music Festival Geelong Showgrounds 2015

“Singer/songwriter Anthea Sidiropoulos is another find…  “In a foreign land” is so very right on, and so heartbreakingly sung”


           - Ari Davidow, review of Best Folk release The Fig Tree CD 2004

“Undeniably talented with a voice that stems from a soulful heart, Anthea 'Jewels' delivers a unique musical experience”        

           - Therese Virtue, The Boite Multicultural 2001

Whether she comes back as 'Pearl, Janis, or Jewels... she'll be great” 


            - Geoff Spiegel, Former President Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society 1994

'Expect a smorgasbord of music when you see Anthea ‘Jewels’ perform. Her shows are designed to wake us up to an era of multicultural diversity. A holistic survival toolkit! Guaranteed to surprise! Her shows are full of vitality, supported by her powerfully dynamic vocal ability. This is not only a great act to see, it is an experience!'  


            – Tony Georgiou, Theatre Director, Actors Studio (Melb) 1992



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