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CDs + mp3s

To order a CD please print and post or email the order form to CD's Cost only $25 each. You can also make your purchase over the phone! Just call (in Australia) 0414 603 186.

some songs from Anthea's Diary show

1.I am Woman, I am She - "Rebetissa" - an ageless celebration of womanhood
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2.Kundalini 40 - 'Euro Mix' (Mediterranean grooves with Bellydance moves)
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3.Life Keeps Me Moving On
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4.Find Your Light
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- the music -

Winner of
ScreenSound Australia National Folk Recording Award for 2004

Arnold Zable and The Boite present the musical companion to his acclaimed new book.






Kavisha Mazzella
Anthea Sidiropoulos, Irine Vela & Mulaim Vela
Costas Tsicaderis
Freydi Mrocki and David Krycer
And more.

Performing songs of migration, epic journeys, displacement and joy. A celebration of cultural diversity and the universal tales that unite us all. Dedicated to all those who still seek refuge and a place they can call home.

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No Blood For Oil - Australian Voices for Peace

Featuring: Anthea, Peter Hicks & Bruce Watson, Jim Lesses and More..

Click for the "A Better World For You" Lyrics &

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As the world races towards another futile war, we believe it is time for our leaders to listen to those millions of voices who are crying out for a better solution than that offered by the prospect of yet more death and destruction.

We fear that the victims of this conflict will not be those people who our governments say are our "enemies". Instead, this war will be paid for with the blood of innocent men, women and children- people very much like ourselves.

We are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist and Agnostic. We are young, we are old. We are from every state of Australia. We are farmers, office workers, teachers, professional musicians... and more. Our political beliefs are diverse, as are our ethnic origins.

We will not be silent and accept the blood on our hands while the politicians and those whose interests they serve wage this unjust war in our name.

All we are saying is... give peace a chance.

Geoff Frances (Project Co-ordinator) March 2003

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Kundalini 40 - Funky Mediterranean Grooves
When knowledge becomes wisdom
Written by Anthea / Produced by Steve Scanlon & Achilles Yiangoulli

1.'Euro Mix' (Mediterranean - 3-minute radio friendly version)
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2.'Euro mix' (Bellydance - full version)
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3.'Chant of the Sacred Calling'
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Full Circle

Produced by Anthea & Achilles Yiangoulli

1.Aspra Karavia -from the 'New Wave' era of Greece: by Yiannis Spanos/ S. Skipi
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2.Sto Periyiali ~ akaDenial ~ Greek Entekno 'Art' Song: by Mikis Theodorakis / Lefteris
3.Koutsi Kithara ~ Lame Guitar: by Manos Loizos / Lefteris Papadopoulos
4.Thioxo ta Sinefa ~ Clouds Song: from the 'New Wave' era in Greece: by Elektra Papakostas / Lefteris Papadopoulos
5.Megala Loyia ~ 'Big Words': by Minos Matsas / Akos Daskalopoulos
6.Pagose i Tsiminiera ~ The Chimney Froze: by Manos Loizos / Fontas Lathis
7.Ti Na Po ~ What can I say: by Manos Loizos / Pythagoras
8.Aspri Merra ~ There will come a 'White Day' for us: by Stavros Xarhakos and Nikos Gkatsou
9.Tzamaika ~ Jamaica: by Manos Loizos / Lefteris Papadopoulos
10.Enna Me ti Thalassa ~ One with the Sea: by Andreas Georgiou
11.O Thromos ~ The Road: by Manos Loizos / Kostoula Mitropoulou
12.Pethia tou Pirea ~ Never On Sunday Greek Words: by Manos Hatzjidakis
13.Theka Palikaria ~ Ten Lads: by Manos Loizos / Lefteris Papadopoulos
14.Minore Tis Avgis ~ Minor of the Dawn: by Spyros Peristeris & Sotiria Mpellou

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Angels at Daybreak
Music to soothe your spirit and move your soul

Written and produced by Anthea & Achilles Yiangoulli

1.Throat Chakra Balancing (guided) Meditation
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2.Angels at Daybreak - music only

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Music to soothe your spirit and move your soul
Written and produced by Anthea & Achilles Yiangoulli

1.Relaxation Meditation
2.Relaxation Regeneration
3.Relaxation Regeneration Rejuventation
4.Easy Listening Combo

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